Banshee Plate Carrier & Armor Advanced Loadout

Banshee Plate Carrier & Armor Advanced Loadout

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35.00 LBS

Item# AR500-Banshee-ADV

Lead time up to 10 Weeks

AR500 Armor® Banshee Plate Carrier with Curved Level III Chest /Back Body Armor, Curved Side Plates Level III with Pouch, Paxcon Coating Buildup on all plates, Front/Rear/Side Trauma Pads and HSGI Pouches (Advanced Loadout)

The Banshee Plate Carrier is one of the best 100% Made in the USA Plate Carriers on the market in its price range. Loaded with features, it includes everything youre looking for in a plate carrier. The Banshee plate carrier was designed with hard use from Military and Law Enforcement in mind. The Banshee is a proven plate carrier, weighing in at only 2lb's 5oz giving you a light-weight platform to build your rig. Padded shoulder straps include a cover for the quick release buckles, also providing extra real-estate for gear and pouches.

Removable wrap-around cummerbund is fully adjustable and is capable of accepting side plate MOLLE pouches on the inner-side of the cummerbund. The Banshee compliments our AR500 Armor® Advanced Shooters Cut Body Armor and fits like a glove.

The AR500 Armor® Banshee Plate Carrier & Armor Advanced Loadout is 100% made in the USA! Package includes Level III or level IV body armor rated for threats up 7.62x51 (m80 Ball) or 30.06 armor piercing rounds. The package includes HSGI modular magazine pouches, the flexibility, expansion/retention and tough build of the pouches make them an ideal choice. With a total capacity of (4) of either M4/AR15, AK47, or 7.62 Magazine capacity and (2) single or double stack pistol magazines.

The Banshee plate carrier package includes (2) AR500 Armor® Level III (10" x 12" Advanced Shooters Cut, ASC) or Level IV (10" x 12" SAPI Cut Ceramic/Composite) Body Armor Plates. (1) HSGI X2R TACO® Modular Magazine Pouch. (2) HSGI Double Decker TACO® Modular Magazine Pouches. Customize your package and choose our Level III or Level IV Body Armor.

Banshee Plate Carrier Specs:

Construction: 500D Nylon

Weight: 2lb 5oz (unloaded)

Size: Fully adjustable shoulder straps and girth, Medium XXL

Colors: Wolf Gray

AR500 Armor® Banshee Plate Carrier & Armor Advanced Loadout:

  • Includes (2) AR500 Armor® Body Armor Plates
  • Customize the package and choose Level III or Level IV Body Armor
  • Includes (1) HSGI X2R TACO® Modular Pouch
  • Includes (2) HSGI Double Decker TACO® Modular Pouches
  • Includes Banshee Plate Carrier and removable Cummerbund
  • Fully Adjustable from Medium to XXL
  • Slim light-weight profile
  • Designed to work with AR500® ASC Body Armor
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Quick Release, Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Removable Cummerbund with inner and outer MOLLE rows
  • Fully adjustable side straps with removable quick release buckles
  • Emergency Drag Handle
  • Velcro ID panels located on the front and rear of the plate carrier
  • 500D Nylon Construction



  • 35.00 LBS