Dexter HS500 Hot Stick

Dexter HS500 Hot Stick

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Dexter HS500 Hot Stick
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Product description: The Dexter HS500 Hot Stick is a rugged yet lightweight manipulation tool that provides personal protection by increasing standoff distance. The unlimited dexterity of the manipulator head allows you to easily grab, move and lift an array of objects. The heavy-duty electric motor generates up to 45 pounds of force, allowing containers to be punctured to reduce potential hazards. Self-locking jaws eliminate the risk of dropping the object during manipulation. Sections can be added in 3-foot increments providing up to 12 feet of standoff.


  • Manipulator Head:
    • Overall length 2 feet
    • Weight 5 pounds
    • maximum jaw opening 6
    • Clamping pressure of 45lbs at a length of 9 feet
    • Jaw rotation in 30 degree increments
    • Ball joint has infinite flexion
  • Standoff Sections:
    • Overall length of each section is 3 feet
    • Multiple sections can be joined together
  • Control Handle:
    • Overall length 1 foot
    • 7.2 volt power supply
    • Forward/Reverse rocker switch
  • Kit Includes:

    • Manipulator head
    • 3 Standoff sections
    • Control handle
    • Charger
    • Spare battery
    • Carrying case



  • 10.00 LBS