Wireless Blast Gauge

Wireless Blast Gauge

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Blast Traumatic Brain Injury:
An Occupational Hazard
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) from an explosive blast remains a significant problem for military and law enforcement personnel exposed to harmful levels of blast shockwaves, especially those involved in operations and training. A blast shockwave can cause a series of complex mechanical and physical reactions in the brain. Mild to moderate TBI may be difficult to detect immediately post event, with cognitive or motor deficits manifesting weeks or months later. Additionally, scientific studies have linked repetitive overpressure exposure to structural changes in the brain, increased risk of PTSD, acceleration of age-associated neurological disorders, and concussion symptoms, highlighting the need for individualized blast surveillance similar to radiation badge programs. Because it is not practical to provide protection from the occupational hazard of blast shockwaves, monitoring and documenting exposure to identify individuals at risk for TBI is paramount.

The Blast Gauge® System is the complete solution for measuring blast exposure.


The Blast Gauge System is a 3-sensor set worn on the helmet, chest, and shoulder that logs pressure and acceleration from exposure to explosive blasts. Green, yellow, and red status LEDs provide instant exposure data at the press of a button. A micro-USB connection allows full time-based data to be later analyzed by medical personnel.

Each gauge weighs less than an ounce and takes up less than one cubic inch of space, and its flexible mounting design allows tool-free attachment to helmets, PALS webbing, or physical structures like vehicles and buildings.

The Blast Gauge System is member tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) and is deployed among U.S. Special Forces, the U.S. Army, several international militaries, and law enforcement agencies around the globe. It is proudly made in the USA.

Key Features

  • Triage Capable  Wirelessly or via recessed button.
  • Exposure Tailored Treatment Data transferred wirelessly to mobile app or via USB to PC for detailed event analysis.
  • Durable Fully encapsulated design withstands weather and impact.
  • Automated  Blast overpressure and acceleration automatically collected and classified.
  • Reprogrammable  Load latest algorithms at time of activation.
  • Small  Less than two cubic inches.
  • Flexible  Instantly mounts to helmet, gear and vehicles.
  • Inexpensive Quickly outfit deployed troops.
  • Secure  Operator privacy protected.
  • Multipurpose Route clearance, training, SOF, breaching, SWAT, bomb squad.
  • Made in USA Proudly keeping jobs at home.
The Solution for Military & Law Enforcement
Improve tactics, techniques, and procedures
Minimize exposures and preserve performance
Guide triage
Securely interrogate wirelessly or via button push, aiding quick decision making

Blast exposure to aid in treatment

Blast overpressure, acceleration, and body loading data for detailed event analysis

Optional wireless connectivity to a PC or iOS/Android handheld to download blast information to user-friendly app

Reliable battery
Non-rechargeable battery designed for military extremes, lasts a full deployment and minimizes logistics

Fully encapsulated design withstands weather and blast

Flexible mounting
Easily attaches to helmets, gear, structures, and vehicles

Operator privacy protected

Fielded by the U.S. Military


  • Know your safe distance
  • Ensure appropriate Minimum Safe
  • Distance for your stack
  • Measure flashbang shockwaves
  • Deploy flashbangs with confidence by knowing overpressure levels based on size and configuration of room
  • Map your environment
  • Locate the best places to stand in a room during an explosive breach and entry
  • Monitor repetitive exposure from weapons
  • Track overpressure exposure from artillery, mortar, shoulder fired weapons, and small arms fire on operators

Support Medics/EMTs

  • Triage wirelessly or with a button push
  • Instantly assist the trauma team in guiding triage with objective blast exposure data
  • Maintain your units peak performance
  • Track personnel to identify those at-risk and proactively manage the level of exposure and subsequent wellness

Control Liability

  • Reduce property damage claims
  • Monitor a breach or controlled destination in a civilian locale to ensure it didnt cause shockwave damage
  • Protect your operators
  • Reduce exposures to mitigate long-term implications of the occupation
  • Ensure operators get evaluated for the long-term care they deserve with objective measures documenting occupational exposure

Advance Research
  • Inexpensive and easy-to-use tool anyone can use for research into vulnerability, survivability, and lethality related to explosives, protective materials, vehicles, and weapon systems


The new, Wireless Blast Gauge® System incorporates enhanced features including wireless communication capabilities to smart devices and a longer battery life, offering industry-leading performance, lowest system cost, and minimal ongoing logistical support requirements.

  • Overpressure range: 0.5 psi 110 psi
  • Pressure resolution: 0.05 psi
  • Acceleration: High-G
  • Battery: Lasts more than a year




  • 10.00 LBS