X-PANDR Battlefield Effects Flash Bang Simulator

X-PANDR Battlefield Effects Flash Bang Simulator

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Product Description

The X-PANDR Box is designed to provide the IED, EOD or SWAT operator or instructor multiple options when simulating or indicating the effects of triggering an explosive device. An operator can choose any combination of outputs to indicate the triggering of a device. These user-selectable outputs allow trainers, instructors and operators to use the X-PANDR Box in a classroom setting as an instructional aid one moment and as a tactical effects simulator in a field training exercise the next. The X-PANDR Box can monitor and identify up to eight training devices or triggers at one time providing ultimate instructional or complex tactical support.

The X-PANDR can be used as a standalone device, or used to trigger other blast simulators. It incorporates the XP-360 pneumatic simulator, LEDs producing a 15k lumen flash, 90dB buzzer; simulating a flash bang. The ability to hand-carry the device or place under a desk gives it the ability to be used safely in any training environment.

The XP-360 Pneumatic Shockwave Device produces a tuned Shockwave and loud blast effect using compressed air or CO2 at 100150 PSI. Unlike traditional pneumatic or CO2 powered IED Simulators that rely on bursting discs or containers, the XP Series produces the tuned shockwave effect with no fragmentation hazard. Rapid repeat firings are possible with no need to reload the XP-360 non-pyrotechnic IED simulator, simply refill and re-fire in a matter of seconds.


  • 18L-11W-7H
  • Works with X-MIT and X-LRT transmitters
  • Uses X-CAP blasting cap transmitters
  • Rechargeable battery power supply
  • 90dB Buzzer
  • Uses compressed air or CO2 (100-150PSI)
  • Produces 15,000 lumen LED flash
  • Uses standard tire inflator Schrader valve attachment
  • No burst discs; can be automatically refilled and re-fired in seconds
  • Non-pyrotechnic
  • DOD 60559.9 STD and AFMAN 91-201 compliant
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