Locker Basket Self Ventilating Storage Unit

Locker Basket Self Ventilating Storage Unit

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Item # 4125
The Ideal clothes storage unit the clothing is suspended full length below the basket exposing it to circulating fresh air. Clothing hangs below the basket allowing the unit to be near level. LOCKERBASKETS® are furnished with six hooks and come complete with guide bolts, vinyl cushion tipped clothes hooks and a coat hanger. Hook bales are positioned under the basket to maximize storage area. The entire unit is epoxy coated after fabrication.


Equipment Provided per LOCKERBASKET® 
1 wire basket and hanger

Base Length 
356 mm

Base Width 
356 mm

159 mm

 Number 12-gauge steel wire welded to 4-gauge steel rod frame.
 Entire basket and accessories finished in light gray epoxy powder coating after fabrication.

 All wire intersections individually welded.
 Baskets designed to have no interior obstructions. Also designed to slide vertically within the hanger-hook assembly.

Six-(6) Hook unit, fabricated from 5/16 inch rod with rounded tips, and vinyl tip guards, designed with integral stops on vertical portions for easy access to hooks.

Garment Hanger 
Fabricated from No. 7-gauge wire, finished in light gray epoxy powder coating after fabrication, with two vertical supports each affixed to bottom of LOCKERBASKET® with an integral hinge.

Performance Tests 
Manufacturer shall submit, on request, performance tests for operating parts of clothes storage system.

System to be installed in accordance with details and instructions and all applicable Codes, Regulations and Laws.