Self Contained LED Miner's Cap Lamp & Charger

Self Contained LED Miner's Cap Lamp & Charger

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Item# 8623

 The Self Contained LED miner's lamp incorporates the latest lighting technologies, but at a lower cost.

It is small, light and cost-effective.

Main LED and backup LED On / Off Switch: Indicated with a lamp icon

Depress switch once for Main LED

Depress switch again for backup LEDs

Depress switch a third time to turn off.

Status Indicator: Indicated by clock icon

Depress once for unit number

Depress again for current time (24 hour clock)

Depress a third time for battery charge status. 4 bars = full charge,

1 bar blinking every 20 sec = charge required. (~1 hr remaining)

Depress fourth time to turn off. Indicator will turn off automatically

after not being used for 20 seconds.

Setting the Clock:

Depress and hold clock button for 3 seconds. When hour indicator is blinking, press lamp button until desired hour is reached. Press

clock button again and minute indicator will blink. Press lamp

button to set first minute digit. Pressing the clock button will move

the blinking indicator to the second minute digit, where you can

push the clock button to set the second digit. Press lamp button

one last time to confirm and finish clock setting.

Setting the Unit Number:

Depress clock button once to show unit number. Default is 4 zeros.

Depress and hold clock button for 3 seconds, the zeros will blink.

Use the lamp button as you would to set the clock.




Charger Input: AC 120 volts 60 Hz., 0.3A

Charger Output: DC 4.9 V @ 1A

Charger is supplied. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER CHARGER

Recharge if stored for 2 months or longer


 Charger Technical Data



AC Input Voltage 220/110 V


Frequency of Power Voltage 50/60 Hz


DC Output Voltage 4.9 ± 0.1 V


DC Output Current 1.0 ± 0.1 A


- Individual lamp position


Lamp Charging Time 6 ± 1 hours


Overall Dimensions 94x40x90 cm


Weight 33 kg







Rated Capability




4.5 Ah (lithium ion battery)

Rated voltage

3.7 volts

Continuous Discharge Time

> 15 hours

Main Light LED Voltage

3.2 volts

Main Light LED Current


Main Light LED Power

1 watt

Main Light Luminous Flux

> 90Lm

Lamp Lighting (distance 1 meter)

> 3000 Lux (initially)

> 2000 Lux (after 12 hours)

Main Light Usage Life

> 30000 hours

Backup Light Usage Life

> 100000 hours


< 215 grams

Short Circuit Protection Time

< 15ms

Typical Battery Lifetime

1000 cycles (normal conditions)

Recharge Time

< 8 hours

Charger Output

4.9v @ 1A