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65.00 LBS
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Item # 6190

The MICRO-BLASTER I is a compact and affordable demolition system utilizing a fast burning proprietary gas producing cartridge to crack rock and masonry.

Operated remotely with a 25-foot pull cord, the MICRO-BLASTER I is safe and easy to use. Because of its low energy output, this system is usable in almost any environment. Requiring only a 5/16 inch diameter hole, 9 inches deep, the system can be employed without the need of expensive large hole drilling systems.

Assembled using hardened tool steel components, the MICRO-BLASTER I provides many years of trouble-free use and is easily serviced in the field with common hand tools.

Packaged in a durable and compact molded case (13.5 in.W x 10 in.D x 3.5 in. H), the MICRO-BLASTER Kit comes complete with a Micro-Blaster, hole blower, hex key, bull pins (for wedging apart cracked rock), release cord assembly and manual..

Purchase of this item now requires a form (https://www.ezebreak.com/atf-reg-form) to be completed prior to the purchase of this item.  Once you have completed this online form, you can come back to make the purchase here.

This Online Form is to be filled out by each purchaser prior to the sale of Ezebreak Micro-Blaster Cartridges to satisfy requirements of the ATF Variance (exemption) to Part 555 of current ATF regulations.  Online forms are stored exclusively by Ezebreak in a secure database for a period of five years.  Ezebreak Dealers have confidential credentials to verify customer registration.  Information will only be released to ATF if there is a reasonable suspicion of illegal activity involving our products.  Information is not disclosed to any other parties.  Registered customers will only need to fill out another form if their information changes or has expired after 5 years, whichever comes first.



  • 65.00 LBS

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