100mph Duct Tape - 2" x 60 yd  Olive Drab

100mph Duct Tape - 2" x 60 yd Olive Drab

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100-MPH Tape - Military Grade (Low Gloss Finish) Meets MIL Spec ASTM-D5486M, Type IV.  Excellent abrasion & water resistance. Comforms well to irregular surfaces.  Clean removal on most surfaces.  Superior tensile strength.  Hand-Tearable.  Available in 2" x 60yd rolls, Olive Drab

High quality polyethylene coated cloth laminated to a low gloss finish film, coated with a strong Natural Rubber based adhesive. 

Meets MIL Spec- ASTM D5486M, Type IV
Peel adhesion: 21 oz/in. 
Tensile: 40 lb/in. 
Temperature resistance: 41°F to 95°F

  • Tape will conform well to irregular surfaces.
  • Will not twist or curl. 
    Excellent water, vapor and abrasion resistance.