EOD Safey Mirror Kit and Accessories

EOD Safey Mirror Kit and Accessories

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Item# 5525

The finest observation mirror available. Rugged, dependable and lightweight. A great addition to any department

Description: A revolutionary EOD / SWAT /ICE Search Mirror Model# ESMK2 that is quickly deployable and can be configured with multiple heads for any environment or situation. The unique flat mirror will not distort or Fish Eye the area to be cleared or checked. The Mirrors are made from a light weight acrylic that is very durable and inexpensive to replace, unlike tradition glass it will not crack or shatter and leave sharp dangerous parts for a suspect to pick up. Our Universal thread adaptor is the heart of the quick change system, this allow the use of most any threaded type extentions painter pole

History/Background: The EOD ICE Mirror (ESMK2) was created to overcome the stress and weight of traditional search mirrors which are heavy,bulky and hard for the operator to use on extended periods. One of the major design flaws with traditional search mirror is that you need a separate mirror for a given situation. Which then adds more bulk and weight.

Benefits/Advantages: Our EOD ICE Mirror (ESMK2) solves all of the problem associated with traditional search mirrors. Our EOD ICE Mirror are not limited to only one mirror shape or size. One of the major design features is the ability rapidly configure or change out the mirror in a matter of seconds depending on the situation or change tools to a glass breaker, door stop /wedge, Door Latch opener and a variety of other tools. This is accomplished by our universal thread adaptor which is the heart of the quick change system. The universal thread adaptor mounts to virtually any standard threaded painter pole, so no costly proprietary hardware is needed. This allows the operator to change between a compact 2 ft search mirror all the way to a 16ft extension search mirror and still be able to quickly change the head for different mirrors and or tools. Our EOD ICE Mirrors are durable and will not break if dropped or stepped on. The pole is very light weight the whole package weighs only 2 lbs for a 4ft 8ft extension search mirror.

Potential Targets/Applications: Car Inspections, Suspect Apprehension, Building Clearing, Prison/Civil Rioters

Primary Users: Law Enforcement, Military

Physical Data:

  • Length Collapsed = 24, 48 or 96
  • Length Extended = anywhere from 24 to 16ft
  • Weight = 2lbs (4ft & 8 ft pole)
  • Mirror Sizes = 10×10, 8×14
  • Round Mirrors 4, 6, 8 & 12

Performance Characteristics:

    • 10x10 acrylic mirror, replaceable.
    • Swivel head rotates 210 degrees.
    • Impervious to Heat / Cold, Shatter resistant
    • CNC Machined Aerospace Aluminum fittings.
    • Threaded to fit most paint roller extensions.
    • Quick detach head allows rapid deployment.
    • Optional tools Glass spike, Door Wedge.
    • Folds flat for easy storage