IXI Drone Killer - Electronic Warfare Counter UAS

IXI Drone Killer - Electronic Warfare Counter UAS

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Disable drones in seconds with powerful, hand-held software defined radio technology

Add counter-UAS capabilities to your tactical teams in any environment, in any location.

It’s not a matter of if drones will be weaponized. It’s a matter of when.

Nefarious individuals have already begun using unmanned aircraft to threaten the safety and security of people and property in every corner of the globe. Drones have successfully disrupted air travel, assisted in prison breaks, threatened military ground forces, and delivered narcotics and explosives payloads. Some operators are oblivious to their actions, while others are actively seeking ways to use UAVs to undermine defense operations.

Law enforcement, first responders* and warfighters need a reliable, responsive tool in their fight against this growing risk.

Enter: DRONEKILLER. The fastest, most cost-effective counter-UAS device in the world.


How it Works


DRONEKILLER requires minimal operator training and practice to disable a UAS.

  • 1. Locate and identify the drone
  • 2. Point DRONEKILLER at the drone and pull the trigger
  • 3. DRONEKILLER emanates a 20-120-degree cone of radio signal that increases the bit error rate of the drone
  • 4. The drone reverts to fail-safe mode, causing it to descend or return home


Technical Specifications

  • Size: 25”L x 9”H x 4.3″W(64cm x 23 cm x 11cm)
  • Range: up to 800 meters
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs. fully configured
  • Works with C2 link and/or GPS, forcing targets to descend or return home
  • Picatinny rail top and bottom, optional side
  • Bands: 433MHz, 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz
  • GPS: L1/GLONASS/GPS L2 (optional)
  • Senses FR energy with in 30-degree cone
  • Temperature requirements: -10°+ 40° C operation, -40° +85° C storage
  • PEC 5/5 blown fine particulate and water spray
  • Rechargeable swappable Li-Ion battery and auxiliary 12V vehicle power plug for extended use
  • Integrated charging circuit accepts 10-19VDC input



Strike back at UAV threats with a portable counter-drone system that takes the fight to your adversaries

Electronic fences and directed energy weapons are failing to meet the realities of UAV threats, which are unpredictable and require a lightning-fast response. For effective counter-strikes, mobility is crucial. DRONEKILLER is the solution.



    Weighs approximately half of other handheld counter-UAV devices (8.5 lbs), enabling easy transport.


    DRONEKILLER disables drones operating on 7 frequency bands.


    DRONEKILLER can be safely operated around aircraft without disrupting GPS or radio signals.


    With no external battery pack required, DRONEKILLER’s built-in batteries last 2 hours in active mode and up to 6 hours in sensor mode.


    Mount DRONEKILLER to any Picatinny smart rail and lighten its weight even more by eliminating the need for the battery unit.


    Other fixed and mobile units cost millions. DRONEKILLER is priced in the thousands, leveling the playing field for local law enforcement and first responders*.


DRONEKILLER puts the power back in the hands of security forces



In the future of tactical warfare, there will be no clear front line. DRONEKILLER is light weight and compact, enabling easy deployment by ground forces personnel in mobile units, strike teams, at checkpoints, forward outposts, and security response teams. DRONEKILLER effectively thwarts the use of drones by enemy combatants for surveillance and direct attack by IED and supplements existing defenses by filling gaps in electronic fences due to line of sight obstructions.



Neutralize aerial threats that inhibit your ability to protect and serve. Effectively disable a drone being operated in restricted air space or when a drone is interfering with security operations. DRONEKILLER can be safely used in all spaces, including large outdoor events, indoor arenas, and challenging line-of-sight environments (ex. forests, cities). An accessible price point enables first responders to augment their own security strategy with DRONEKILLER, rather than waiting for federal reinforcements to arrive during emergency situations.



Protect your citizens in urban environments and on the battlefield. DRONEKILLER equips tactical teams to quickly and efficiently neutralize UAVs. With fewer restrictions on communications interference, many counter-drone systems deployed overseas run the risk of interrupting critical GPS or radio signals used by civilians and friendly forces. DRONEKILLER is easy-to-use portable protection that requires no special training, so militaries and local law enforcement can integrate DRONEKILLER into their security arsenal immediately.



This device has not been authorized for sale to non-Federal users as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased other than to the United States Government or federal agencies until authorization is obtained. IXI / IdealBlasting will not sell the DRONEKILLER to non-federal users or any other unauthorized purchasers in the United States or its territories and will not complete any sales transactions originating with such consumers.

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