Abloy 330/50 Brass 5/16 inch X 2 inch

Abloy 330/50 Brass 5/16 inch X 2 inch

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3.00 LBS
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Item # 8702

An all-purpose padlock of durable construction for storage doors, motorcycles, gates, trailers, power station switches etc. Equipped with hardened boron steel shackle, diameter 8 mm.

**Keys are sold separately (item# 8700).  This lock does not come with any keys.**
Excellent resistance against physical attack
The hardened steel housings and hardened boron steel shackles in ABLOY ® padlocks provide maximum resistance against physical attack. The hardened, free-spinning protection plate prevents drill bits from penetrating the lock.Further security is provided by hardened stainless ball bearings locking the shackle at both ends.The highest security can be provided by non-rekeyable construction.
The unique cylinder mechanism offers superior master-keying features
The unique ABLOY® rotating detainer disc cylinder mechanism offers extensive master-keying possibilities due to the several million different key combinations available. All ABLOY® cylinder products from door locks, camlocks and furniture locks to padlocks can be made to operate with just one key. ABLOY® padlocks have been the market leaders for decades. Independent test results have confirmed that ABLOY® padlocks continue to operate smoothly after the toughest corrosion tests. They are therefore recommended as the best possible choice for unprotected use in severe conditions. Durable materials such as hardened boron steel provide effective protection against drilling, sawing, cutting, twisting or shimming.ABLOY® PL362 is the strongest padlock on the market. It is a product that has passed the most demanding Scandinavian break-in tests and is classed as Scandinavian Grade 5, the highest grade. The unique locking construction makes it extremely difficult to attack.All grades of ABLOY® padlocks employ similar technical solutions to provide superior performance in a wide range of security applications.
Maximum resistance against corrosion
The unique surface treatments used by ABLOY® guarantee that the corrosion resistance of  both the visible parts of each lock and the internal parts is at
the highest possible level. ABLOY® padlocks are recommended as the best products for the naval environments and coastal locations.


  • 3.00 LBS