Da-Mite 44 lb./20 Kg Box Rock Splitting Mortar

Da-Mite 44 lb./20 Kg Box Rock Splitting Mortar

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55.00 LBS
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When your job specs call for the demolition of rock or concrete by non-explosive means we are the pros.
  • Boulders or reinforced concrete can be easily split and fractured, speeding its removal.
  • Mass rock can be drilled with holes up to 3" in diameter cutting drilling costs and speeding excavation making D-mite®more flexible in its use than Bristar, Betonamit, FRACT.AG, or S-Mite.
  • Rock that is in a compressive condition in a pit or trench can be fractured and excavated.
  • Eliminate: vibration from blasting, fly rock, permitting, seismic and explosives monitoring.
  • Minimize vibration from large breakers.

The Daigh Company sells D-mite® Rock Splitting Mortar. We can provide assistance in its use and consulting to optimize its performance on the job.

How does it work? It starts with the typical demolition process of drilling holes in the rock or concrete. From there D-mite® Rock Splitting Mortar is mixed with a fixed quantity of water and poured into the predrilled holes. Da-mite will set and eventually expand with a force of over 18,000 psi, overcoming the tensile strength the rock or concrete.

D-mite® Rock Splitting Mortar:

  • Is versatile, it can be used in hole diameters from 1 1/8 " to 3" which can be keyed to jobsite conditions, depending on the drilling equipment available and the method of excavation
  • Makes mass rock and concrete removal an easier task
  • Substantially reduces removal time, saving time and money.
  • The Fracturing created by D-mite®increases productivity of equipment
  • Works in underwater situations.
  • Can be used in deep holes when appropriate.
  • Is environmentally friendly


D-mite®  is a highly expansive Rock Splitting Mortar for demolition and cutting of rock and concrete.

It is environmentally friendly. It releases no toxic or harmful substances of any kind.

D-mite®  is packaged in a 44lb (20kg) box, which contains four 11lb (5kg) bags. D-mite®  is available in four different grades, depending on the temperature of the rock/concrete to be fractured and removed.

It is non-explosive, therefore supervision of trained personnel is non essential. D-mite® requires no special precautions if kept in a dry place. The product is not sensitive to electrical discharge or currents.

What is D-mite® used for? It can be used in an almost unlimited range of applications and particularly to break, cut or demolish rock,concrete and reinforced concrete in circumstances where explosives cannot be used for safety reasons. It is ideal for projects where surrounding buildings or other structures would be damaged by flying debris or shock waves.

It maximizes production time. Work crews do not have to shut down when a blast occurs. In underground or confined space applications, crews to do not have to wait for "smoke" to clear. Crew time is maximized.

D-mite®'s simple use allows it to be used by just about anyone. D-mite®'s use is applicable for commercial and civil construction projects, residential projects, dimensional stone quarries and even for the casual homeowner who just wants to remove a very small area of rock on his/her property.

When spacing your drill holes, you can always multiply the diameter of your drill holes by 10.  For example, if you are drilling 1" diameter holes, your
drill holes should be spaced 10" apart. 1 1/2" drill holes should be spaced
15' apart, etc.
***This item cannot be shipped via air transportation.***


  • 55.00 LBS