EOD Ceramic Knife

EOD Ceramic Knife

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Military and Police Units worldwide employ this tool. Completely non-magnetic and non-conductive. One customer even hung his inside an MRI machine and turned it on with no effect at all.   Razor sharp black ceramic knife blade with a stiletto point and anti-slip handle.   Blade length is 3 or 75 mm and weight with blade protector 1.3 oz or 36 gms.
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EOD Ceramic Knife
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Product description: Ceramic Bladed Knives have the advantage of being non-conductive and non-magnetic. However, since the handles are 400 stainless steel there is a slight magnetic field present. To resolve this problem AND still provide blade protection I have sourced some knives with 3 blades and non-magnetic handles. The plastic blade protective sheath prevents accidental damage to the blades AND against accidental injury while carried in an EOD tool kit.


  • 0.09 LBS