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EOD GO BAG by Ideal Blasting

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Price: $2,605.53
Item Number: 5589
This Ideal Blasting Exclusive EOD GO BAG is designed for any situation! We have put together a comprehensive list of tools needed for EOD technicians and law enforcement personal such as bomb squads. This kit contains the complete First Line EOD kit on the outside of the bag. The first line kit is attached with Molle Webbing for easy removal and compatibility with plate carriers etc. There is also another easily removed pack insert for access to other frequently used tools. All this is easily organized for repeat usage. On the outside of the pack is a Leatherman EOD MUT which can be accessed while wearing. The Fubar demolition tool is stored in the back compartment with a shielded back protector for maximum comfort. Please call us if you need any additional tools not listed. (recommended optional tools are Dremel 8220, Bosch Fiber Scope and Bosch Oscillating Cutter)

Here is a list of the items included in the bag:
18" Stanley Fubar Demolition Tool
Rite in the Rain EOD Log Book
Rite in the Rain Tan Kit
Dual Cap Crimper
Cord/Fuse Cutter
Leatherman MUT EOD
Ideal Breacher Bar
Duke MD82 Blasting Machine
Black Buzz-Mo Continuity Tester
Z-Bolt Green Tripwire Illuminator
IED Grappling Hook
Rapid Fire Wire Coil 100M
Telescoping Magnetic Tool
Telescoping Compact Search Mirror / Pickup Tool
First Aid Locker Kit
5/16" x 4-1/2" Brass Punch
HD Wire Strippers
PVC Electrical Tape
Self Sealing Silicone Tape
Breachers Tape 30 Mil
XSG Ballistic Goggle Kit
Venture Pack Tan
Pack Insert Tan
Here is a list of the items included in the First Line Tool Kit:
Non-Sparking Phillips head screw driver
Non-Sparking Slotted screw driver
7" Robogrip
Blazer Micro Torch
General Metal Reamer
Markal All Surface Marker
Small Inspection Mirror
Olfa Stainless steel slide lock knife
Black Sharpie
Surgical Scissors
Ullman Mirror - Telescoping
Ceramic Bladed Scissors
Ceramic Pocket Knife
5-1/2" Nail Pullers & Pry Bars
Quick Epoxy
Nylon Spudger
Non Conductive Tweezers
Tan MOLLE Tool Organizer
*We offer this product for the law enforcement and military community only.  This product is not available for export.
EOD GO BAG by Ideal Blasting
EOD GO BAG by Ideal Blasting

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