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Item # 6194

The Micro-Blaster IIx3 Kit contains 3 Micro-Blaster II heads and a 3 way manifold/valve assembly to allow the simultaneous triggering of 1,2 or 3 heads. This assembly comes with a small padlock and key to lock out the system rendering it unfirable between shots greatly adding to safety. The Micro-Blaster IIx3 will allow users to break much larger masses of rock or concrete than with just the single head models.

Users will need to supply a source of compressed air or CO2 (minimum 75 psi, 7 gallon portable air tank recommended) to trigger their systems. If working in remote areas a "T" handle bicycle pump and our 1/2 gal aluminum air tank will allow for a very portable triggering system. Note that you will need to outfit your air source with a quick coupler (1/4" Industrial Interchange) to connect to the hose on the MB IIx3 Manifold/Valve to your air source.

We offer a Micro-Blaster II Portable Air Tank.   And, for those who already have their own air tank, we offer an Air Tank Conversion Kit, both of which can be found on our Accessories page.

For more details about how this technology works read the brief paragraphs describing the Single Head Micro-Blaster II below.

Purchase of this item now requires a form (https://www.ezebreak.com/atf-reg-form) to be completed prior to the purchase of this item.  Once you have completed this online form, you can come back to make the purchase here.

This Online Form is to be filled out by each purchaser prior to the sale of Ezebreak Micro-Blaster Cartridges to satisfy requirements of the ATF Variance (exemption) to Part 555 of current ATF regulations.  Online forms are stored exclusively by Ezebreak in a secure database for a period of five years.  Ezebreak Dealers have confidential credentials to verify customer registration.  Information will only be released to ATF if there is a reasonable suspicion of illegal activity involving our products.  Information is not disclosed to any other parties.  Registered customers will only need to fill out another form if their information changes or has expired after 5 years, whichever comes first.



  • 25.00 LBS

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