Straight Extension Pole with Rubber Grip Search Mirror

Straight Extension Pole with Rubber Grip Search Mirror

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5.00 LBS
Item # 5542

The Series 500 model is a lightweight fiberglass extension pole with a neoprene handle.

  • Extends to approximately 70" (177.80 cm), collapses to 36" (91.44cm).
  • Complete with detachable 8"(20.32 cm) round convex acrylic mirror and light source clip.
  • Mirror lens is replaceable and interchangeable.
  • Optional 8" flat or 12" (30.48cm) flat round or square convex mirror.
  • Optional interchangeable hook attachment.
  • Optional detachable or permanent wheel assembly. Low clearance of 2 1/2" (6.35cm).
  • Various clips sizes to accommodate most standard flashlight systems.
  • Lightweight approximately 1.5lbs, (567grams).

Ideal for:

  • Intended for use in intermediate or small areas, easily carried.
  • Under vehicle inspections by military, customs, bomb technicians, law enforcement officers, corrections, tactical / ERU.


  • 5.00 LBS