T3 Disrupter Unit with Push Lock Breech 12 gauge K4300PL

T3 Disrupter Unit with Push Lock Breech 12 gauge K4300PL

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20.00 LBS
Item # 5581
T3 Disrupter Unit (12ga)
Titanium disrupter 12 gauge unit. This disrupter unit is the same as the PAN (12gauge). It is more versatile and made from Titanium. The unit does not come with a laser sight, stand or initiator. It does come in a plastic case to help keep up with the parts.
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12 Gauge Disrupter System



Shock Tube Initiated Breech Plug Assembly



Standard PAN Ammunition and Specialized Sabo Rounds, Not Supplied






Acme Threaded Breech and Barrel Tips



Smooth Bore Barrel Tip standard PAN rounds, Not Supplied



Rifle Bore Barrel Tip Specialized Sabo rounds, Not Supplied



18 or 24 Barrel Length

The light weight and versatile T3 has all the capabilities of the Original PAN and more. Alone the T3 is

an 18 barrel, making use in confined areas easy. However, the barrel can be extended to 24 with the

addition of the supplied barrel tips. The barrel tips not only extend the disrupter length but determine shot

type including: 140 ml of water, solid, disintegrating or specialized projectiles.

The T3 has user-friendly acme threads on almost all components. These unique threads make assembly

and disassembly easy and fast. Not only are the threads user-friendly, the innovative T3 breech is now a

two-part assembly: breech plug and breech cap. Using multiple breech plugs, technicians are able to

perform numerous shots without cleaning the breech. Although innovative, the breech plug is also

economical; all breech parts are interchangeable with the Original PAN.

This product requires a completed End User Certificate (PDF)


  • 20.00 LBS