AMT Mini DET / Cap Protector Pouch Container

Mini DET Pouch Cap Protector

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Designed for use in AMT (Advanced Manual Techniques) and manual render safe applications the small,
lightweight Mini Det Pouch enables personnel to carry a single electric or non-electric detonator with complete
Using SabreMatTM technology, the AMT Mini Det Pouch prevents personnel against fragmentation, blast effects
and detonation transmission. The AMT Mini Det Pouch is best carried in waist belt webbing bandolier (4 units), or,
in an individual Molle det carrier.
The AMT Mini Det Pouch has been tested with a No.8 electric detonator initiated inside the chamber with no
fragmentation or external blast effect being produced. In addition, to simulate IED-defeat activity, the unit has
also been tested with a No.8 electric detonator together with 0.5 grams of C4 adhered to it. Again, no
fragmentation or external blast effects resulted.
Designed and manufactured to the highest possible quality standards in the United Kingdom by Energetics
Technology Ltd. Energetics Technology Ltd are experts in the field of blast mitigation and blast containment
research and development, product manufacture and product testing.

• Completely contains blast pressure wave and
fragmentation protecting personnel
• Enables detonators to be safely carried during
• Light weight and simple to use
• Multiple AMT Mini’s can be carried in belt webbing
• Can be used with electric or non-electric detonators.
• Robust hard-wearing unit with non-conductive coating