Ideal Blasting EOD Wire Piercing Probes

Wire Piercing Bed of Nail Probes - 6 Pairs Colored Set (WASPP)

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These special probes are designed to attack wire insulation. By utilizing a bed of nails probe, and a strong 7lb spring they will pierce & remain in contact with the internal conductor during measurement. Accepts wire diameters up to 5mm.  Wire can be inserted from multiple angles within the 180 degree opening making your EOD / Bombtech operations easier. The wire leads are 12" long leads.  Cap Diagnostics Identify initiators in multiple devices that may need to be jumped/shunted before being cut out of the firing circuit and which can immediately be cut out of the circuit. Successfully cutting out all caps constitutes rendering safe the device.


12 - Bed of Nail Probes in sets of 2 red/black and designated by 6 color probes