Wire Rope Blasting Mat

Wire Rope Blasting Mat

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The wire rope blasting mat was invented and developed to protect lives and property during the turn of the century New York City 3rd Ave. subway project. The wire rope blasting mat made an immediate impact on the safety standards of blasting operations in high density urban areas. Wire rope blasting mats are the only blasting mat designed to vent gasses which give the blaster more control.

Wire rope blasting mats weigh an astonishing 16 pounds per square foot (65 kg/m). This means you are getting twice as many square feet per truck over rubber, while increasing safety and control. With today's high fuel costs, this is a definite advantage in day to day operational cost.

Wire rope blasting mats are the most versatile and flexible units on the market today. This gives it the ability to adapt to any topography, face or blasting operation. Our wire rope blasting mats come complete with a built in bridle system that makes setting our blast mats simple.

Our wire rope blasting mats are extremely durable; they are built to withstand intensive daily use. Wire rope blasting mats are also fireproof, which offers blasters the ability to use new modern aluminized explosives. The wire rope blasting mat is constructed under ISO 9001:2000 standards and is completely recyclable (Green), unlike the rubber tire units.

Whether you are competing in the regional or world markets and looking for a competitive edge.  Wire Rope Blasting Mats are an answer for they have never changed in their superior  Effectiveness, Durability, Safety and Cost Effectiveness in over 100 years.

So why are you not using them?
With wire rope blasting mats there is NO DISPOSAL cost or environmental issues associated with their use. You're not buying used car and truck tires, but an Engineered Enviromentally Safe product which can be disposed of at any scrap yard.
With our built in bridle and ring system manuverability could not be easier. You can transport 2500sq' + per truck load thus eliminating costly daily transportation and time issues.